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PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization

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Manufacturing and EtO sterilization of medical material

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EtO sterilization

Our process of ethylene oxide sterilization (EtO sterilization) , is the method having general compatibility with a large number of materials, resins and types of medical instruments. By a gas diffusion process, ethylene oxide can sterilize the products and eliminate any viable microorganisms. We use this method for its efficiency and for its environmental performance . PAMA has chosen to use an absorption system with an efficiency of 99.95% rather than using a catalytic burner, which represents the norm in the industry, and the combustion of hydrocarbons associated with it.

Covid 19


We have partnered with HP Canada to support national requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 testing.

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PAMA aims to support our country's COVID-19 testing requirements by producing up to 100 million nasopharyngeal swabs per year using HP's 3D printing technology (3DP).

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PAMA will lead its own swab supply chain and be responsible for the final efforts: sterilization, packaging, quality control and delivery.

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Pama manufacturing and sterilization
Salle blanche

Quality and regulations

PAMA Fabrication et Sterilization is committed to manufacturing safe and high quality medical devices in order to provide products and services that meet or exceed   the needs of its customers, in accordance with applicable international regulations and our quality management system .


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