Pama manufacturing and sterilization


Pama manufacturing and sterilization

PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization

Since 2012, we are specialized in medical devices manufacturing and sterilization.

More specifically, we are manufacturing single-use custom medical kits for other companies, as a private label service and we also have our own PAMA brand.

We cover around 23 categories of kits, ranging from cardiology to veterinary procedure kits and all their accessories.

We are committed to manufacturing safe, high quality medical devices in order to provide products and services that meet or even exceed applicable international regulations.


We make the health of patients and users our priority!


PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization offers innovative sterilization and medical devices that meet regulatory requirements and customer needs.


  • Innovation;

  • Respect;

  • Cooperation;

  • Ethics and Professionalism;

  • Social and ecological commitment.

Pama manufacturing and sterilization

Our associations

We are part of the Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Association (EOSA), which is a non-profit organization whose members are medical device manufacturers, sterilization consultants, laboratories, contract sterilizers and equipment manufacturers. To having a common interest in promoting the use of ethylene oxide.


We are also part of the Association of Quebec Health Industry Suppliers (AFISQ), which is an organization whose members, first of all, have in common that they deal with the Quebec health network. They can manufacture or distribute products and services such as medical equipment, health care products, medical computing, household cleaning products, office equipment, etc.


Finally, we are part of the Chamber of Commerce of Mirabel.

Our history



Founded in June 2012, the PAMA Manufacturing company already sees a great future ahead of it. Created to meet a need and a social responsibility, the company has provided, from the first year, the equipment necessary for several surgical procedures in Quebec.


In March 2016, the arrival of two new partners will allow the realization and execution of the company's projects. During this year, Mr. Luc Clouâtre, General Manager, and Mr. Sylvain Robitaille, main investor, will inject more than $ 13 million into the company.

In April 2016, construction of the new building will begin in Mirabel and in September of the same year, the PAMA team will move to its new place, where the first sterilization system will soon be installed.


PAMA sterilization system will obtain a first contract for 5 million swabs with the authorities of the Public Health Agency of Canada. It is also in 2020 that PAMA will obtain their pharmaceutical product establishment licenses (LEPP).

In this year when the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) concerns us all, the company has become aware of making medical equipment for us and for us.


PAMA focused on solidifying its corporate structure and practices.

Now it has set up an efficient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) structure and a personalized training system for its activities.

During this year, the company invested in the training of its team, which allowed it to establish an efficient quality management system that meets the requirements of the industry.


During this year, PAMA's engineered team will start work on a new ethylene oxide sterilization system. The latter is a key element in the ecological shift of the company.


In 2021, it is with great success that PAMA passes the unique Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) and as a result they obtain their ISO 13485 and ISO 11135 certifications for their sterilization system.


The beginning of many and big changes for the company.

PAMA was now looking for a new location for its factory that would be able to meet its many projects, including the installation of a sterilization system.

As of this day, the company will define itself as a green company. They will make all the changes necessary to make this ecological shift.


In addition to being a year of research and development, 2019 is marked by the start of the automation of the company.


Now PAMA has created, with its Quebec engineering team, an automated platform called HMI (Human Machine Software). The HMI allows parametric operation of the sterilization system with ease of use for the operator.


Also, they engineer team is still working on their ethylene oxide sterilization process that is going to be eco-efficient.


PAMA has also developed its own trays which are 100% recyclable if they are not soiled. These trays make a big difference in terms of ecology, as millions of trays are thrown in the trash every year.

Next destination

PAMA is still in full development and there is no shortage of projects!

The team continues to work on automating the business and looking for more solutions to promote its green aspect.

For the future, the company plans to expand its operations to the international market.


Our social responsibility

Les mains en l'air

Our societal performance is linked to our vision, which is to build a future with sustainable practices, in order to support our social and environmental efforts. We are involved with each of our stakeholders.

Image de Franck V.

Reducing our environmental footprint

In 2014, we officially made a green shift. Each year, we develop and apply solutions that allow us to favourably reduce our ecological footprint.

So far we have implemented:

  • A building with energy recovery and built with sustainable materials.

  • Innovative ethylene oxyde sterilization process eco-efficient.

  • 100% recyclable medical trays.

Employés de bureau heureux

Our commitment to our stakeholders


Respect for our employees is a priority: we share our ethical vision of corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout our supply chain, which allows us to avoid violating the fundamental rights of our employees.

We invest in our employees, we offer them a clean and safe work environment and training so that they can flourish in their professional environment.



We work with the Government of Canada to meet market requirements and many medical regulations.



We are committed to our customers to provide service and products that will exceed their expectations. Through our certifications and licenses, we are able to support them to meet their needs.



Our supply chain is governed by our ethics charter, which ensures fair and equitable practices.



We like to collaborate with Quebec and Canadian companies to succeed in contributing to our R and D. Among other things, for innovative start-up companies, we support them in their manufacturing and sterilization processes of their medical products.


Local community

We are committed to giving back to our local community. We are able to create jobs and provide the necessary equipment for Quebec and Canadian medical operations, in addition to making a strong contribution to the economy.