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Ethylene oxide sterilization (EO or EtO) is a method used since 1930 and today, more than 20 billion devices sold in the US every year are sterilized with ethylene oxide, accounting for approximately 50 percent of devices that require sterilization (FDA). EO sterilization is the method having general compatibility with a large number of materials, resins and types of medical instruments that could be fragile. Through a gas diffusion process, ethylene oxide can sterilize the products and eliminate any viable microorganisms. 

EO sterilization is suitable for:

  • Polymer resin-based products;

  • Single-use medical devices;

  • Procedural kits;

  • Surgical trays;

  • Synthetic shirts;

  • External terminal sterilization of sealed devices combining a device and drugs.

What is




There are many reasons why you should use the Pama Green Sterilization System.

  1. We guarantee a personalized and high quality service;

  2. For the entire sterilization process, the release time is less than one day, compared to one week;

  3. We systematically meet the requirements of products and regulations;

  4. We sterilize at low temperature, which guarantees the integrity of the product and the packaging;

  5. We efficiently sterilize a wide range of polymers, resins, natural materials and metals, as well as products combining drugs and devices requiring sterilization of the surface by external contact;

  6. We efficiently sterilize a wide range of products with different variations in dosage, density and package size.

Some of you may know the scandal in the US related to ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization. Some environmental agencies only realized in 2019 the inconvenience of EO released into the ambient air. The emissions of this gas are very carcinogenic for people in contact with the air release during the process. Even if the government has put standards in place to make the use of EO safer, in 2019 they have found that the majority of companies were not meeting the environmental standards associated with the use of this gas. Since then, many factories have been forced to close their doors for noncompliance  (Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Facility Updates). Now, in 2021, the alarm is ringing over the use of ethylene oxide for the sterilization of medical devices.


So here we come with our EO revolution system, and the term “green sterilization” takes on its full meaning. Where the industry begins to work on improving the sterilization process, PAMA has already done so. Our system was officially put into operation in March 2020 and it is breaking unprecedented records. EO sterilization of PAMA virtually eliminates the presence of ethylene oxide in the air, since we use fewer EO in our cycle than used in the sterilization industry. Finally, for the entire sterilization process, the batch load release time is less than a day, compared to a week in the industry.

PAMA Green sterilization


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PAMA sterilization

               < 450                                           451-550                                        551-650                                         651-750                                          751-850                  

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