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Your mission as a warehouse worker at PAMA will be to prepare orders, by picking all the necessary components, before the production, while ensuring verification of raw materials. You will carry out your tasks while working in the warehouse and you will have to make sure to keep a good arrangement of the inventory.


Your working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


You will start at $16 per hour. In 3 months following your hiring date, you will have an increase to $16.50 per hour.


You are an energetic person, who needs to move. You are able to stand up for long periods and move loads in compliance with the standards established by the CNESST.


You like to learn and put what you have learned into practice. You like to contribute in the community and feel that your work combines precise objectives and human nature.


You are an organized person, who likes to be guided by a structured team leader.


If you feel challenged by this description, you could find your place within our team.


Working at PAMA means having a stable job, a flexible schedule and an attractive salary. You will work with competent team leaders, in an excellent working climate, at an accessible workplace and in casual attire.

You will receive all the appropriate training for the realization of your mission and you will have constant support from your team leader.

You have the opportunity to have an interesting career within the company.

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