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Earth Day

Earth day... when PAMA makes a difference!

In recent years, our team has worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment.

Today, we are proud to show you the strategies we have put in place to reduce our environmental footprint.

Eco-efficient sterilization

Our team of engineers has developed a new process for ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization.

  1. Our EtO sterilization virtually eliminates the presence of EtO in the air;

  2. We use 50% less EtO gas in our cycle than used in the sterilization industry;

  3. We recycle the residue of EtO in ethylene glycol which can be used to de-ice planes or windshield washer fluid;

  4. Our system is powered with renewable energy provided by Hydro-Québec.

Recyclable Trays

Did you know that PAMA offers recyclable trays?

More than 313 million surgeries are performed worldwide each year. Most of these surgeries will require a procedure tray. This huge amount of trays is thrown in the trash every year.

We can see that the PAMA recyclable trays provides an excellent solution to reduce this impact.

Custom Trays

Let's continue with our trays. All PAMA trays are customizable only. This means that each of our kits has been created for a specific healthcare professional needs.

Customizable trays help prevent wasted material, as we ensure that all components of the tray are going to be used.

When healthcare professionals use a standard tray (non-customized), most of the time they discard some components they don't need or they have to add their own components that are missing. So in addition to helping to reduce the environmental impact, the custom tray also reduces the risk of contamination.


PAMA team works every day to innovate and create new processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

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