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What is the solution to ETO sterilization ?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

And if we start this articles by saying that there is a solution for ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization and that the solution is EtO sterilization ?

EtO Sterilization is mostly used to sterilize more than 50 % of all medical devices in the US (FDA). Unfortunately, this type of sterilization process is not without consequences. EtO gaz is carcinogenic for humans and is noxious for the earth. The type of the process actually use in the industry used a high quantity of EtO in each cycle (around 850 MG/L) and a high quantity of emanation into the environment which is highly dangerous for workers and nearly resident.

So now, if you are one of the many manufacturers who have been forced to change is sterilization companies (FDA), you are probably reading this article hoping to get a solution for your situation, because like we all know, EtO is not easy to replace as it is compatible with almost all medical devices.

Well, good news, you've come to the right place. PAMA has created a new EtO process that solves all the problems currently associated with EtO.


The first thing you need to know after the fact that PAMA green sterilization is ecofriendly and safe is that it will save you cost and time. PAMA have reduced the entire sterilization process, the batch load release time is less than 1 day, compared to 7 (for most companies in the medical sterilization industry), reducing your cost of on-hand inventory.

The green PAMA EtO sterilization virtually eliminates the presence of ethylene oxide in the air. The process uses 50% less EtO than used by the medical sterilization industry (see the graphic below). Also, PAMA recycle the residue of EtO in ethylene glycol which can be used to de-ice the planes or windshield washer. Finally, the electricity of PAMA is provided from green source energy. - Hydro-Québec.

PAMA use 50% less EtO in they cycle (less then 450 MG/L compare to 751 to 850 MG/L)

You are invite to visite PAMA website to know more about PAMA green EtO sterilization.


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