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Environmental footprint

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

April 22 was Earth Day and we would like to take this day to present to you what we have put in place to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our greatest feast is the innovation our sterilization system that our ingenieur team has done. For some who are familiar with the scandals in the United States related to ethylene oxide (EtO) gas, PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization has created a process that would exploit this toxic gas which, when controlled well, is ultra efficient.

To learn more about these evens in the USA, we invite you to read these articles published by the FDA :

Though 2019 and 2020, we officially put our own EtO sterilizer in operation and it will score records by eliminating all most all the presence of ethylene oxide in the air, but also in freshly sterilized materials. To learn more about our sterilization system, we invite you to consult the following section.

On the other hand, we invite you to read the article that appeared in Le Devoir, written by Sarah R. Champagne, which was published for Earth Day.

In addition to our green sterilization system, we are working hard to change the usefulness of single-use materials. Did you know that over 120 million gowns are thrown into landfills each year in Canada?

We are working to reuse the materials usually discarded to give them a new life. Currently, we have already implemented the use of recycle and recyclable trays in our kits. Presently, millions and millions of plastic trays are thrown away every year.

This is just the start for PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization for his environmental contribution.


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