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This training takes about 15 min to realize. You will walk through two steps during this training.


Step 1 - Will give you information related to our pain management and anesthesia kits.


Step 3 - Will test your skills on the informations that you just learned.

Training summary

Step 1


 Welcome to the FIRST STEP

What are the added values ​​with PureKits?

High quality

  • High quality components chosen with care.

Environmentally friendly

  • Recyclable tray

  • Sterilized in an eco-efficient way 

Download the PDF below. In there, you will find all important information about pain management. Thereafter, you will watch the video that you will find below.


In this video, you will see a simulation of an epidural procedure.

Don't worry, it's not on a real person!


Step 2

Congratulations, you are at the FINAL STEP

To received your certificate, you need to answer the following quiz. You will receive your results a few days later. You've got all the time you need to answer the questions. Click on the below button to start the test.

Good Luck 

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